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In the Autumn of 1793, Thomas Duane moved from Kingston to Wilkes-Barre and for a while kept a store and a tavern on the northeast corner of Public Square and North Main Street.

John P. Schott, having opened a House of Entertainment at his well known Stand, on the north-east corner of the Public Square - wishes a share of the public patronage. Those who think proper to call at his House, may be assured of his exertions to give satisfaction. (24 Dec 1803)

Isaac Carpenter and John R. Rogers, under the firm of Carpenter and Rogers, inform their friends and the public that they have commenced the Hatting Business, in all its branches. In Wilkesbarre, a few doors above the Public house of Col. E. Buckeley, where they hope by a strict attention to their business, to receive a share of the public patronage. Cash paid for all kinds of Hatter’s Furs. (1 Jan 1808)

Notice — Will be sold at Public Vendue — At the house of Col. Eliphalet Buckeley in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, on Feb. 10th, the undivided half of about 60,000 Bricks, of an excellent quality, sundry utensils for making of Brick, and 14 tickets in the Wilkesbarre Meeting House and Bank Lottery, as the property of Kimball Prince, deceased. L. Beatty, Adm’r., Wilkesbarre. (19 Jan 1810)

A Handsome Situation For Sale - The subscriber offers for sale, that well known stand for a Tavern, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, at the North-west corner of the Public Square, and within 20 or 30 rods of the Meeting and Court-House. Said stand is now occupied by Col. Eliphalet Buckeley, as a Tavern. It is an eligible situation for a Merchant, any Mechanic, or for a Gentleman’s seat. Appertaining to the above, is a good garden, barn and other outhouses, with a number of fruit and other trees — which renders it peculiarly pleasant for a summer retreat. Also another house adjoining the above premises, convenient for a small family, together with a Hatters Shop. The above property will be sold on reasonable terms. Apply to Isaac Carpenter, Kingston. (5 Oct 1810)

Removal — The Subscriber respectfully informs his friends, and the public in general, that he has removed his Store, to his New Store, next door below Mr. Hancock's Tavern (late Col. Buckeley) where he has just received a fresh supply of new goods, suitable to the season, which he will sell low for Cash, or Country Produce. Benjamin Drake, Wilkesbarre. (17 May 11 1811)

Notice — Boarding & Lodging, by the day, week or month, may be had on reasonable terms, at the house occupied by the subscriber, directly opposite Mr. Hancock's Tavern in Wilkesbarre. L. Hepburn. (24 May 11 1811)

John J. Ward and Adney S. Atkins, Tailors, inform their friends and the Publick in general, that they have taken a shop on the north side of the Public Square, three doors west of Jonathan Hancock's Tavern where work will be done in a neat and fashionable manner, and at a very short notice. N. B. One or two Journeymen tailors, can have constant employment by applying at above. (7 Feb 1812)

Notice - From sickness and death in my family, I am compelled to shut my house during Court Week from any kind of business. Jonathan Hancock, Wilkes-Barre. (22 Oct 1813)

Wm. Barnes, respectfully informs the public that he shall continue business at the Old Stand next door to J. Hancock's Tavern, where he now offers for sale a general assortment of Dry Goods, cheap for cash. Also Whiskey by the Barrel or less quantity. (3 March 1815)

S. Wm. Barnes, respectfully informs the public that he shall continue business at the Old Stand next door to J. Hancock's Tavern, where he now offers for sale a general assortment of Dry Goods, cheap for cash

Tuttle & Co., have just received new goods at their store, first door above Mr. Hancock's Tavern on Main-street, Wilkes-Barre. (8 Dec 1815)

Doct. T. Beebe, having lately moved into the house a few rods north east of J. Hancock's respectfully informs the citizens of Wilkes-barre and its vicinity, that he is ready to attend to any calls in his line of business - presuming that after more than three years close application to the study of Physic, and from the experience he has had in the state of N. York that he will not be found wholly incompetent to do justice to those who may require his assistance. (Jan 22 1819)

New Store with a general assortment of Dry Good, Groceries & Queensware, next door to Mr. Hancock's Tavern. Lepper & Thomas. Wilkesbarre. (Nov 16 1821)

Public Vendue at the house of Jonathan Hancock's on the 6th December in Wilkesbarre. (Nov 30 1821)

Removal. The Subscribers having removed to the house lately occupied by Jonathan Hancock's, in addition to their former stock, have just opened and now offer for sale a general assortment of new goods. Donley & Layng, Wilkesbarre. (Apr 4 1828)

8th of January Celebration. The Democratic Hickory Club of Luzerne County will celebrate at the house of George P. Steele, John Myers, Pres't., Wilkesbarre. Dec 26, 1832

1836 - Steele's red tavern on public square

1837 - Pennsylvania Arm/Pennsylvania Hotel (formerly the Freemasons' Arms Hotel)

1841 - Leased to Jacob Bertels - headquarters foe stage line using the Easton and Wilkes-Barre turnpike.

By 1850 - Lease was purchased by Capt B. F. Wells

Notice of the meeting of the Wilkesbarre Water and Insurance Company on Saturday evening next at the home of Geo. P. Steele, Wilkesbarre. 5 Dec. 1838
New Store, next to G. P. Steele’s Hotel, of assorted goods. B. DRAKE & J. MARCY, Wilkes-Barre. 27 Nov. 1839

Democratic Republicans met at the house of George P. Steele, at Wilkes-Barre, on Dec. 21st.

Celebration of the Victory of New Orleans held at the house of George P. Steele, Wilkes-Barre on Jan. 8th. 15 Jan. 1840

D. Mayer, Dentist from Germany, will attend to all operations in dental surgery, such as cleaning, plugging, extracting and inserting incorruptible teeth from one to full set. He may be found at Mr. Steele's for eight to ten days. Wilkes-Barre. 29 Jan. 1840

Democratic Meeting at the Saloon of Geo. P. Steele, Wilkes-Barre, on the 21st. 26 Feb. 1840

Democratic Meeting held at the hotel of Geo. P. Steele, in Wilkes-Barre on Monday evening the 13th inst. Committees of correspondence for each township are listed, among them: 15 April 1840

Democratic Meeting for the citizens of Wilkes-Barre and the adjoining townships are requested to meet at the house of George P. Steele in the borough of Wilkes-Barre on Saturday evening the 23rd inst., to adopt measures for the celebration of the approaching anniversary of our national independence, in a proper manner. 20 May 1840

1852 - new four story brick hotel erected - opened March 24, 1852 - sumptuously furnished.

Name changed to Luzerne House after propety sold to Ziba Bennett

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